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May 21 artwork update!

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If you've been following our posts, you know that Lee Smith has been working on the next issue.  He recently sent us a sample of the artwork and these comments--

"For those of you who were at Ratha-Con in Athens a few weeks back, you saw me working on these pages.  The first is the finished artwork featuring the White House (circa 1909) and a certain rotund Ohio President.  This should give you a *hint* of what our next issue is all about.  I don't know how good the image is, but I want you to know that I worked VERY HARD on that White House--even though it doesn't look very white--trying to get a real sense of the colors.  I think it captures the lush look of the White House back then. Unlike today, the fountain in the front of the White House used to have all kinds of plants both in the water and around the fountain--that was the Victorian style--and around this time people became a little upset with it, thinking that it made the White House lawn look "cluttered." I tried to keep that look in mind when drawing and painting it.  If you don't believe me, check out a picture of it as it looks today!

Ratha-Con 2--The Ratha gets better!

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From Lee Smith--

As usual, I had a GREAT time at Ratha-Con in Athens, Ohio!  The facilities are wonderful, the day went quickly and I met lots of new fans to Ohio Chronicles! Special thanks to Kelly Lawrence for coordinating this fantastic event and to all the fellow artists who spent the day sharing our work with the people in and around Athens, Ohio!  If you've never been down there, you should visit--it is gorgeous! The venue is wide open and never too hot--thanks to the giantfans and air-conditioning.  This year there were even MORE panels., and local artists got to discuss the comic book process and their own experiences as well.  I think the artists had more fun listening to each other than the audience did!

Those of you lucky enough to have been there, probably already know--I was working on the NEXT issue of Ohio Chronicles!  Whenever possible, I will try to bring my work with me at Conventions, so people can actually see the process used to create each issue of Ohio Chronicles. Stay tuned for a preview in the next few weeks!  

Whether I'm working on the "thumbnails", sketching out the page layout, inking the pages or working on the coloring process, I'm always willing to talk about my work and some of the exciting things that lead me to draw the things that I draw. I am currently exploring the use of page layout and panel composition.  I'm trying to work on the dynamic aspects of the storytelling process,especialy when the process involves a lot of discussion and inner thought.  I hope you can tell, when looking at this next issue, some of the things 've been trying.

I had lots of interesting interactions with the people of Athens, although I did miss having the students of Ohio University attending this year. (They've gone to the semester system this year and school had just let out! :()  However, there were plenty of things to do, including vintage video games and role playing games! Here are some pictures:


Thoughts about Free Comic Book Day 2013

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Well, another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone!  This is always a special time for me because Ohio Chronicles first came out on FCBD (back in 2011!) and so it sort of offically is the beginning and end of the year for us here.  There are many things that I LOVED and got FRUSTRATED  by this year--

:D LOVED adding NEW STORES to our list! I truly enjoyed meeting with the owners of each and every one of the stores.  First of all--each store is just a little different (This is a GOOD thing!) than the other stores. Some specialized in older comics, others were into the gaming sections of the industry, some treated the event like a busy "Black Friday" kind of day, others treated it as a party event with music, kids events, and costumes. ALL of things are what makes Columbus (and Ohio in general) so great--diversity!

:mad: FRUSTRATED with the delivery of my comics. Part of this is MY fault, part of the blame belongs to UPS and the way they pack and deliver items once they get to town.  I didn't appreciate that my comics were in town for 28 hours AFTER the destination scan before they got to me. In the future I will plan better and have my comics printed and ready to go by the beginning of April.  Live and learn!

:D LOVED spending the day at Comic Town! I am not that much into the comic book scene--I don't hang out at comic book shops and talk about the latest issue of 52, or argue over which Iron Man suit is the best (traditional as drawn by Gene Colan, BTW!). So when I DO spend time at a comic book shop, I get a bit nervous.  The staff at Comic Town are the BEST!  They made me feel welcome and everyone I met was really fun.  For those of you who don't know--I get bored,so I often draw pictures for FREE.  The patrons at Comic Town really challenged me--and I LOVED it.  To those who got a drawing of TRANSFORMERS (Bumblebee), FLASH, NIGHTWING, SUPERGIRL, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, SUPERMAN,CLARK KENT, or a STORMTROOPER--I hope I did you proud!  I drew more HULKs, BATMANs, and SPIDERMANs than I care to think about, but it was all great! I also appreciated those people who asked me for my autograph even though I' m not really famous--THANKS!

:mad: FRUSTRATED that I wasn't able to visit more stores.  In the past I woud go see all those people in the different shops and that's half the fun of FCBD, too.  Seeing what is going on throughout the city as kids, adults, and shopowners celebrate comics is a great thing to see and is thoroughly invigorating.  I have GOT to find a way to divide my day--or clone myself--so I can enjoy more stores.  I was lucky enough to hear from friends and strangers about some of the great Facepainting that went on at Laughing Ogre, the band that played LIVE music at Packrat Comics and even some Star Wars things going on at Starbase Columbus! Every year it seems to get better and better around Ohio!  I'm sure that the same is true outside of the Columbus area!

:D LOVED our Free Comic Book Day issue!  I'm sure you saw the images of the cover, so this probably gives you an idea of the topic.  Frontier Dan and Bored (the raccoon) finally get an issue to themselves.  I like doing these stories the best, I think.  The relationship between Frontier Dan and Bored seems like one of those love/hate things.  Most of the people that comment about the issue really like these two characters and think that they are as funny as I do.  As usual, there is some corny humor, running gags and a few inside jokes that make the issue worth rereading if you didn't catch them all.  The printing, by BestValue Copy, is always amazing.  Even though the interior is in grayscale it is gorgeous! I think half the reason people love Ohio Chronicles is their fantastic printing!

:D LOVED the people I met.  It seemseveryone has a personal story to tell and I was glad thtat I could bring a little more happiness into the world with what I do. I want to thank again all those people who talked to me, shared stories, suggested ideas, showed interest in Ohio history and just made the day go so well.

All in all,it was great and I look forward to next year with even GREATER Expectations!

Sorry for the delay!

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Wow! It has been QUITE a while since the last posting!  Sorry about that!  Ohio Chronicles has been busy growing and working, so the Blog got put on the back burner! Here's what we mean--

CONVENTIONS! CONVENTIONS! CONVENTIONS!  Ohio Chronicles has been in TWICE as many more Conventions THIS year as last.  We continue to attend and display at our previous Conventions--S.P.A.C.E, Ratha-Con and River City Con--but have also added even more appearances such as the Akron Comic-con, Lake Erie Comic-con, and the Indie Event here in Columubs!  We plan on attending EVEN MORE events!  We will keep you posted!

WORK! WORK! WORK! Ohio Chronicles has finished with its TWELVETH ISSUE! This seems phenomenal! In the last 2 years, we have completed more than 300 comic book pages and over 200 Teacher edition pages! This work load is QUITE A LOT, considering our poor overworked Staff! When you combine that with keeping up with marketing, web-design and making other connections, like the Elyria Comic Book Initiative, things become even MORE hectic.

NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! We aren't able to go into details(YET!), but Ohio Chronicles will be rolling out some new items and programs this summer, so we hope you'll keep popping back here to find out. We have come out with our THIRD Free Comic Book Day Edition (FCBD-2013) and have managed to deliver it to darn near ALL the comic book shops in Central Ohio!  We hope to expand to even MORE comic book stores in 2014!  We also are visiting even more locations to spread the word about Ohio Chronicles!

SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!  Again, we apologize for this great breach in our Blogging! Wwe hope that you will forgive us, as we try to make up for it! We'll have more information next week! PROMISE!

Being Reviewed by Tony Isabella, by Lee Smith

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I was looking at Facebook and found a link to Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing.  I like the blog, because Tony discusses comics that he enjoys, both past and present, makes references to comic book people I was not aware of (or only dimly was aware of), and generally has a great perspective on life in general. I was TRULY surprised to find Ohio Chronicles staring at me from the website. The fact that I was named in the first paragraph is one of those rare "bucket list" moments that people who create comics kind of dream about--when someone famous mentions their name in a POSITIVE way--and I was stunned.

Let me explain a little bit about how this miracle occured.  A few monthes ago, Tony Isabella had written that he would review comics that were submitted to him. I thought that I had nothing to lose (except a few issues and some postage), so I sent them, thinking that I might get some passing mention on a full page of reviews (i.e.--"I've read many great superhero comics lately and then I read Ohio Chronicles. It is about Ohio history and features no super-heroes.").  Time passed, I missed my opportunity to talk to Tony at Mid-Ohio ComiCon and only briefly got to say hello when he was in Akron (we rode up on the elevator together). I had mostly forgotten about the comics and had gotten interested in the next issue of Ohio Chronicles.

The review was very positive and a link is provided here.It was entitled "Based on Real Ohio History" and anyone who has read any of our issues knows from whence the title comes.  I thought that Tony did a wonderful job of highlighting the targe audience, topics covered and a pretty good description of what was in the issues. It is always a wonderfuly feeling when someone else "gets it." I certainly understand that Ohio Chronicles isn't for everyone, however, I think that even people from outside the state would gain an appreciation for Ohio by reading the issues. I also hope that people in other states would create comics about their OWN state's history. I think that such a move would create a fantastic interest in history in general and certainly some of the more interesting aspects of each state's historical past.

All in all, I was stunned, but very pleased to be so positively reviewed on the Internet.

The Yellow Kid's-----DAD?

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We've added another video--it's been awhile--to our growing collection!  This one advertises our LATEST--


Upcoming Convention--Akron Comicon!

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Many thanks to the people at the Akron Comicon for fitting us into their busy schedule!  As evryone in Akron already knows, this is one of the BEST conventions out there!  Ohio Chronicles was lucky enough to get a booth at the last MINUTE!  Please drop by to see all of our latest comics, check out our NEW comics TEXTBOOK (and view the Teacher Edition as well!). There may be other surprises as well--check in at our booth to find out!

What? A textbook without a Teacher's Guide? NEVER!

Posted on October 29, 2012 at 2:40 PM

Last time I talked about our great new textbook.  Some of you seemed to have thought that we would publish a textbook without supporting the teachers that want to use it.  That has never been the case.  The Ohio Chronicles Textbook is a great resource and can certainly be used by educators in any way that they wished. However, we have also included a FANTASTIC Teacher's guide to go with it. 

I certainly understand all the work that teachers put into their classroom. Long hours grading papers, setting up bulletin bords and creating exciting lesson plans to reach those students who struggle to master all the things required of them during the school year are common to every teacher. That's why Ohio Chronicles wants to help.

This Teacher Guide has two-day lesson plans for each issue with suggested activities and pacing. Trust me when I say that there are far more activities than could be completed in two 40-minute sessions of Social Studies.  there is a reason for this--Ohio Chronicles wants to provide teachers with options!  The worksheets and assessments in the Teacher Guide are based around the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts (CCSS) and the Ohio Social Studies Standards for 4th grade (OSSS).  These materials are not just fluff--they are designed to improve students' abilities for that test in the spring. In addition, students will complete writing assignments that are not only fun and challenging, but allow the students to have a choice! The worksheets are generally brief (5 questions) and easy to grade thanks to the "TEACHER ANSWERS" page for each reproducible. And because teacher's sometimes need help to come up with interesting talking points for Open House, School Assemblies, and Parent/Teacher meetings, Ohio Chronicles has included "Big Projects" pages for each issue.  This allows students to work together in groups to create murals, plays, games and more that can be presented to the school.

All of this for an INCREDIBLY REASONABLE $5.  Combined with multiple copies of our textbook, you could create a work station or learning center for less than $30 (5 books and a Teacher Guide) that could be used all year long!

The Nancy Hollister comic gets a VIDEO!

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We've added another video--it's been awhile--to our growing collection!  This one advertises our LATEST--

Nancy Hollister, Governor!

Our first Textbook!

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Now there has been little doubt that Ohio Chronicles would make a perfect addition to the classroom!  If you check out our documents section, you can see some of the examples of teacher materials we have created for just that purpose.  What makes our latest project special is that this collection of three stories is designed to be used in the classroom and priced for overworked, underpaid teachers!

The textbook is only $5.00 each and features THREE of our best stories--The Land Ordinance of 1785, The Battle of Fallen Timbers, and Battle of Fort Donelson. With 60 pages of story including historical fiction, informative non-fiction and primary source materials, this is perfect for the classroom. Students can learn quite a lot from the reading of the issue besides just places and dates.  The  illustrations present students with accurate interpretations of the tools, weapons, and clothing of the period.  the issues also present information in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.  Students will not only WANT to read about Ohio history, but will become ENGAGED in Ohio history.  They can discuss what they read, because the author presents BOTH SIDES to each conflict.  This allows students to figure out for themselves what they think is right or wrong.

The inexpensive price for 3 stories, in black and white with color covers,allows teachers to buy multiple copies for the classroom. This presents a perfect "learning center" in the classroom, and because it addresses topics that are discussed throughout the fourth grade surriculum, it can be used all year long. The primary sources provide students with lots of information. teachers can easily create activities that involve their students. Tthese materials will also be fantastic for differentiated learning. Students who struggle to understand a textbook will find these materials far easier and more enjoyable to use.

All in all, Ohio Chronicles is thrilled to present this first textbook. It is hoped that teachers, librarians, home schooling parents and administrators throughout Ohio will look at these materials to supplement the instructional materials already available to them.