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May 21 artwork update!

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If you've been following our posts, you know that Lee Smith has been working on the next issue.  He recently sent us a sample of the artwork and these comments--

"For those of you who were at Ratha-Con in Athens a few weeks back, you saw me working on these pages.  The first is the finished artwork featuring the White House (circa 1909) and a certain rotund Ohio President.  This should give you a *hint* of what our next issue is all about.  I don't know how good the image is, but I want you to know that I worked VERY HARD on that White House--even though it doesn't look very white--trying to get a real sense of the colors.  I think it captures the lush look of the White House back then. Unlike today, the fountain in the front of the White House used to have all kinds of plants both in the water and around the fountain--that was the Victorian style--and around this time people became a little upset with it, thinking that it made the White House lawn look "cluttered." I tried to keep that look in mind when drawing and painting it.  If you don't believe me, check out a picture of it as it looks today!

Being Reviewed by Tony Isabella, by Lee Smith

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I was looking at Facebook and found a link to Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing.  I like the blog, because Tony discusses comics that he enjoys, both past and present, makes references to comic book people I was not aware of (or only dimly was aware of), and generally has a great perspective on life in general. I was TRULY surprised to find Ohio Chronicles staring at me from the website. The fact that I was named in the first paragraph is one of those rare "bucket list" moments that people who create comics kind of dream about--when someone famous mentions their name in a POSITIVE way--and I was stunned.

Let me explain a little bit about how this miracle occured.  A few monthes ago, Tony Isabella had written that he would review comics that were submitted to him. I thought that I had nothing to lose (except a few issues and some postage), so I sent them, thinking that I might get some passing mention on a full page of reviews (i.e.--"I've read many great superhero comics lately and then I read Ohio Chronicles. It is about Ohio history and features no super-heroes.").  Time passed, I missed my opportunity to talk to Tony at Mid-Ohio ComiCon and only briefly got to say hello when he was in Akron (we rode up on the elevator together). I had mostly forgotten about the comics and had gotten interested in the next issue of Ohio Chronicles.

The review was very positive and a link is provided here.It was entitled "Based on Real Ohio History" and anyone who has read any of our issues knows from whence the title comes.  I thought that Tony did a wonderful job of highlighting the targe audience, topics covered and a pretty good description of what was in the issues. It is always a wonderfuly feeling when someone else "gets it." I certainly understand that Ohio Chronicles isn't for everyone, however, I think that even people from outside the state would gain an appreciation for Ohio by reading the issues. I also hope that people in other states would create comics about their OWN state's history. I think that such a move would create a fantastic interest in history in general and certainly some of the more interesting aspects of each state's historical past.

All in all, I was stunned, but very pleased to be so positively reviewed on the Internet.

The Yellow Kid's-----DAD?

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We've added another video--it's been awhile--to our growing collection!  This one advertises our LATEST--


Upcoming Convention--Akron Comicon!

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Many thanks to the people at the Akron Comicon for fitting us into their busy schedule!  As evryone in Akron already knows, this is one of the BEST conventions out there!  Ohio Chronicles was lucky enough to get a booth at the last MINUTE!  Please drop by to see all of our latest comics, check out our NEW comics TEXTBOOK (and view the Teacher Edition as well!). There may be other surprises as well--check in at our booth to find out!

Our first Textbook!

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Now there has been little doubt that Ohio Chronicles would make a perfect addition to the classroom!  If you check out our documents section, you can see some of the examples of teacher materials we have created for just that purpose.  What makes our latest project special is that this collection of three stories is designed to be used in the classroom and priced for overworked, underpaid teachers!

The textbook is only $5.00 each and features THREE of our best stories--The Land Ordinance of 1785, The Battle of Fallen Timbers, and Battle of Fort Donelson. With 60 pages of story including historical fiction, informative non-fiction and primary source materials, this is perfect for the classroom. Students can learn quite a lot from the reading of the issue besides just places and dates.  The  illustrations present students with accurate interpretations of the tools, weapons, and clothing of the period.  the issues also present information in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.  Students will not only WANT to read about Ohio history, but will become ENGAGED in Ohio history.  They can discuss what they read, because the author presents BOTH SIDES to each conflict.  This allows students to figure out for themselves what they think is right or wrong.

The inexpensive price for 3 stories, in black and white with color covers,allows teachers to buy multiple copies for the classroom. This presents a perfect "learning center" in the classroom, and because it addresses topics that are discussed throughout the fourth grade surriculum, it can be used all year long. The primary sources provide students with lots of information. teachers can easily create activities that involve their students. Tthese materials will also be fantastic for differentiated learning. Students who struggle to understand a textbook will find these materials far easier and more enjoyable to use.

All in all, Ohio Chronicles is thrilled to present this first textbook. It is hoped that teachers, librarians, home schooling parents and administrators throughout Ohio will look at these materials to supplement the instructional materials already available to them.

The invention of the comic strip!

Posted on October 16, 2012 at 2:20 PM

One of the great things about being the creator of Ohio Chronicles is that I get to learn all about Ohio's history!  I'll be honest--I love to know about history--any history--simply because it is the story of people.  I am amazed at how the connections between people lead to exciting things and how the courage and bravery of individuals change the course of history itself.

Having said that, I also enjoy finding out trivia, too.  Imagine my surprise to learn that the first comic strip--Hogan's Alley--and it's most famous creation--the Yellow Kid--were created by a man from Lancaster, Ohio! Richard Fenton Outcault was born in Lancaster, trained as an artist in Cincinnatti and then worked for Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb)! Many people would think that was a pretty exciting life right there. But then Mr. Outcault came to New York and used his art talent to create not just one, but three of the most notable comics in history! Outcault created the Yellow Kid, a character who spoke his thoughts through his night-shirt.  How amazing is it that we are STILL wearing shirts with messages on them! The Yellow Kid became such a sensation that he started another trend--merchandising!  The Yellow Kid appeared on soap, buttons, umbrellas and just about everything else you could imagine.  Does this sound familiar to anyone? We don't use the Yellow Kid anymore, but I bet you can find all kinds of products that feature a character from either a movie, DVD, or comic book.  All of that started with this one man from Lancaster, Ohio.

And as if that weren't enough--Outcault also created the first comic strip to feature an African-American, Po Li'l Mose. By today's standards the character will seem very racist in some of his mannerisms. However, at the time he was very beloved in his insights into the "big city" in his humorous letters to his mother back in Georgia. Finally, Outcault's creation has long outlived him. You may not have heard of Po Li'l Mose, maybe you don't even know about the Yellow Kid, but just about every American over the age of 40 has heard of Buster Brown and Buster Brown shoes.  These are still being sold today!  The creator of thefamous icon is indeed the same man from Lancaster, Ohio we've been discussing.  That is why I'm proud to be doing an issue about the Yellow Kid's Dad, Richard Fenton Outcault, in Ohio Chronicles.  Be sure to check it out!

Oh, just so you won't think comic strips and Ohio are just a fluke--I've also included some of the many other comic strip cretors who have connections to Ohio!

2012-2013 Comic Schedule announced

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Ohio Chronicles announced their tentative schedule for the following year.  As creator Lee Smith noted, these are tentative and may be updated at a later date.

July: Robert F. Outcault and the Yellow Kid.

September:  The Northwest Ordinance

November: The War of 1812 (Battle of Lake Erie)

January: William Howard Taft (President and Supreme Court Justice)

March: Harriet Beecher Stowe (Writer and leader of Aboliton)

May: To Be Determined

July's issue--a hint!

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  What does this weird drawing have to do with Ohio history?  This little yellow fellow will be the topic of our next issue--out in July!  Is he from Ohio? Did he ride his bike through Ohio? Who the heck is he? All these questions and more will be answered in our July issue. If you think you know why this weird KID has a connection to Ohio and why he might be in our next issue, comment about him! One lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of our next issue sent to him/her in the mail!

Deadline for the contest is July 12, so sign in and GOOD LUCK!

Our online store is now UP and RUNNING!

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We have recently updated our online store for those of you who are unabl to find and purchase our great comics! Most of you who have visited the site before realized that we accept PayPal, but we have just signed on to take Google checkout!  This means that even if you DON'T have a PayPal account, you can STILL purchase the latest and greatest Ohio Chronicles stories and have them delivered to your home using your credit card! Also, we have updated ALL of our comics so that they are in FULL COLOR!

As a SPECIAL incentive, all deliveries within Ohio have NO SHIPPING COSTS!  That's right, for a LIMITED TIME, you can purchase Ohio Chronicles and have them shipped free!  Don't miss out on this great deal!

Nancy Hollister, our 1st Female Governor!

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The latest issue of Ohio Chronicles features the amazing Nancy P. Hollister.  Nancy was born in Marietta, Ohio. She became involved in politics and soon found herself on the Marietta City Council. Then she ran for mayor! After being elected, the first female mayor in the history of Marietta, Mayor Hollister got even more exciting news.  She was asked by Governor Voinovich to help out in the state capital! If you think working for the governor in Columbus, Ohio wasn't exciting enough, imagine being asked to be his running mate!  Nancy Hollister's abilities propelled her into an incredible and historic spot in the politics of Ohio.  I won't spoil it for you by telling how she became the governor, but you should really check this comic out!

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention--we have a new character to add to the growing Ohio Chronicles family--Chillocothe Cardinal!  He prefers to be called "Chill" and he's a bird with a unique urban attitude.  he's here to help give everyone the 4-1-1 on the government of Ohio and the United States.  From the purpose of laws to how to become a member of the Ohio State Supreme Court, Chill lets it all hang out and tells the truth!