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Creating Comics for the CLASSROOM!

Supplemental Super-Heroes!

 A NEW Comic lesson every month!

We started using comic books in the classroom in 2002.  As classroom teachers who read comic books ourselves, we knew that comic books were beneficial in helping readers.  We created student materials for comic books and used them to supplement reading instruction.

We found, especially with students in urban schools, that these comic books were incredibly successful in helping students, especially boys, improve.  (Some even improved a full grade-level in reading  in just 9 weeks!)

What made this program different was using the same comic book with MANY students simultaneously.  This helped both the teacher and the students.  Teachers benefited because they could teach comic books the same way that they taught other reading materials, making multiple copies and either working individually,  in small groups, or as a whole class.

Students benefited because they could:  

  •    read with partners taking turns reading each panel dramatically
  •   talked about the same comic book (characters, action and plot)
  •   worked together to answer comprehension questions.

The end result was that we came up with more and more materials.  We wanted to share our materials with others, but couldn’t find an effective way to do that--until now!

This month we have two exciting war stories to tell.  Guys will love these stories drawn by the late great Samuel Glanzman.  Please use these for educational purposes. You can download EACH of these components for FREE this month! 

WE hope you enjoy this! Tell your Teacher friends and be sure to come back NEXT MONTH!