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The Ohio Chronicles

As a  teacher, Lee Smith had to teach Ohio history to his students. He wanted to find a better way to teach than to simply use  a textbook.  He knew that if he could find comic books about history, his students would learn faster, retain more information and have a deeper understanding of the material. So he looked for history comics.

He looked at comic books currently in print.  He looked at comics from the past. He looked on the Internet for web-based comics. Nothing seemed to fit his needs. 

He decided the best thing to do would be to create his own series, highlighting not only the history of Ohio, but the excitement behind it.  He set up some ideas to guide his comic book series:

  • The stories had to be "short and sweet."
  • The stories had to have exciting characters.
  • The stories had to have educational value.
  • The stories had to be about "real " history.
  • The stories had to be interesting.

The stories had to be Ohio Chronicles.

We've started small and have grown with each issue.  We feature 16 pages of FULL COLOR  comics and bright sturdy covers. Each issue features an involving introduction, historical narrative, nonfiction work and primary sources. We publish bi-monthly and distribute throughout Ohio. (We are always interested in new businesses wishing to show off our product.)

It's more than just a COMIC--it's a TEXTBOOK, too! Our comics are aligned with Ohio Social Studies Standards and are perfect for home schooling and classroom use! Our Teacher Editions feature CD's with many additional activities such as games and puzzles as well as worksheets and assessments that are aligned with Language Arts Common Core State Standards!

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