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Our first Textbook!

Posted on October 23, 2012 at 2:40 PM

Now there has been little doubt that Ohio Chronicles would make a perfect addition to the classroom!  If you check out our documents section, you can see some of the examples of teacher materials we have created for just that purpose.  What makes our latest project special is that this collection of three stories is designed to be used in the classroom and priced for overworked, underpaid teachers!

The textbook is only $5.00 each and features THREE of our best stories--The Land Ordinance of 1785, The Battle of Fallen Timbers, and Battle of Fort Donelson. With 60 pages of story including historical fiction, informative non-fiction and primary source materials, this is perfect for the classroom. Students can learn quite a lot from the reading of the issue besides just places and dates.  The  illustrations present students with accurate interpretations of the tools, weapons, and clothing of the period.  the issues also present information in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.  Students will not only WANT to read about Ohio history, but will become ENGAGED in Ohio history.  They can discuss what they read, because the author presents BOTH SIDES to each conflict.  This allows students to figure out for themselves what they think is right or wrong.

The inexpensive price for 3 stories, in black and white with color covers,allows teachers to buy multiple copies for the classroom. This presents a perfect "learning center" in the classroom, and because it addresses topics that are discussed throughout the fourth grade surriculum, it can be used all year long. The primary sources provide students with lots of information. teachers can easily create activities that involve their students. Tthese materials will also be fantastic for differentiated learning. Students who struggle to understand a textbook will find these materials far easier and more enjoyable to use.

All in all, Ohio Chronicles is thrilled to present this first textbook. It is hoped that teachers, librarians, home schooling parents and administrators throughout Ohio will look at these materials to supplement the instructional materials already available to them.

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