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What? A textbook without a Teacher's Guide? NEVER!

Posted on October 29, 2012 at 2:40 PM

Last time I talked about our great new textbook.  Some of you seemed to have thought that we would publish a textbook without supporting the teachers that want to use it.  That has never been the case.  The Ohio Chronicles Textbook is a great resource and can certainly be used by educators in any way that they wished. However, we have also included a FANTASTIC Teacher's guide to go with it. 

I certainly understand all the work that teachers put into their classroom. Long hours grading papers, setting up bulletin bords and creating exciting lesson plans to reach those students who struggle to master all the things required of them during the school year are common to every teacher. That's why Ohio Chronicles wants to help.

This Teacher Guide has two-day lesson plans for each issue with suggested activities and pacing. Trust me when I say that there are far more activities than could be completed in two 40-minute sessions of Social Studies.  there is a reason for this--Ohio Chronicles wants to provide teachers with options!  The worksheets and assessments in the Teacher Guide are based around the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts (CCSS) and the Ohio Social Studies Standards for 4th grade (OSSS).  These materials are not just fluff--they are designed to improve students' abilities for that test in the spring. In addition, students will complete writing assignments that are not only fun and challenging, but allow the students to have a choice! The worksheets are generally brief (5 questions) and easy to grade thanks to the "TEACHER ANSWERS" page for each reproducible. And because teacher's sometimes need help to come up with interesting talking points for Open House, School Assemblies, and Parent/Teacher meetings, Ohio Chronicles has included "Big Projects" pages for each issue.  This allows students to work together in groups to create murals, plays, games and more that can be presented to the school.

All of this for an INCREDIBLY REASONABLE $5.  Combined with multiple copies of our textbook, you could create a work station or learning center for less than $30 (5 books and a Teacher Guide) that could be used all year long!

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