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Now THAT'S a Teacher's Edition!

Posted on November 1, 2011 at 2:00 PM

Our latest Teacher's Edition:  The Battle of Fallen Timbers, features six different games that can be played with students.  The games relate to the mini-comic (also included in the Teacher's Edition) and the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

  • Presidential Powers is a card game where players try to find and collect 5 presidential powers before their opponent.
  • Race to Fort Washington is a board game where students must answer questions using map scales in order to safely make it back to Fort Washington.
  • Ohio Indian Wars Timeline challenges players to gather the five events needed to complete their timeline before their opponents, but be careful--they could use a "TIME THIEF" card and steal one of your events!
  • Vocabulary Matching is the classic game of Concentration but with an educational twist--students must match vocabulary words and their definitions.
  • Fallen Timbers is a variation of the card game War, only this time all the cards are historical figures from the Ohio Indian Wars!
  • In Build Fort Defiance, players must remember key events from the mini-comic in order to gain the parts they need to build their fort--but watch out!--someone may throw a raiding party at you or worse yet, the dreaded THUMB SKIRMISH!

All in all there are over 110 pages in the Teacher's Edition, so you know that it's a bargain for the price. Six exciting classroom games, a mini-comic story to read and writing and coloring activities as well.  Who says school has to be boring?

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