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Saving the Galaxy one (MATH) Problem at a time!

Here come the Cosine Cadets!  They are here to save the Galaxy one Math problem at a time!  Kia, Chuck, Carlos and Choma have all the problems of any other school kids, but they also fly around the galaxy using their amazing and unique skills to work mathematic miracles! A new page EVERY SATURDAY on our BLOG, so you can follow the adventures

Geared for students in 5th through 7th grades, these adventures feature challenges like multiplying decimals in situations that are close to "real world" scenarios.

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The Cadets are continuing their adventure on Lazaria-4! They've helped figure out the weight of a cargo car, but newcomer the REAL PROBLEM--what's a Shazbom???

This issue focuses on multiplying decimals.


CHOMA--Is an African-American female, age 14, --the leader of the group. She is analytic and logical, with an interest in computer programming. Like many type A leaders, she is a perfectionist
and drives the rest of the team crazy with her drive for neatness and accuracy. She likes classical music and basketball. She is self-conscious about her looks, especially her ears which she thinks are too big. Although she is always worried about being done “on time,” she can be thoughtful and introspective. The cadets know Choma is thinking when she spins a basketball on her finger absently.

CARLOS--This Hispanic 12 year-old is all boy. He is the impulsive mathematician, being very "creative” in his technique. Although Choma would call his work “sloppy,” Carlos is just as dedicated as any other cadet, humming music as he thinks and suddenly surprising everyone by body slamming the nearest cadet when he finds the answer. The group’s teasing hurts his feelings, but being a boy, he struggles to connect with his feelings, instead trying to cover it up with wise-cracks and “letting off steam.” He likes cooking, reading comics (his favorite is H-Boy) and wrestling. 

CHUCK--A 10 year-old Irish American computational whiz, Chuck is the support system for the group. He loves to use the "standard" approach. He is interested in supporting the team and often does corny jokes to keep everyone upbeat and focused. He likes magic and knock knock jokes. Although he puts on a “happy face,” he can become hurt and sullen by put-downs, especially by strangers. Chuck even smiles when he is thinking about math, giggling when he has found out the answer.

KAI--At 8 years-old, this young Asian-American is an introverted thinker. Kai is the “baby” of the group, and isn’t always shown the amount of respect she is due. Her methods are quiet and internal, twitching as she thinks until she pops up when she has found the solution. She likes gymnastics and tumbling, loves anything zombie (including her favorite comic book, Zombie Charles). Kai is often oblivious to the world around her and its social situations, preferring to live inside her own logical mind.

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