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We produce exciting mini-comics detailing the rich and exciting history of Ohio for all ages. Each 16 page, full-color issue provides two short stories from the state's past, highlighting an important aspect of Ohio's history. It also includes primary source material to further engage the reader!

Our issues come out bi-monthly and are geared for all ages.  Whether you're 8 or 80 you'll find out fun and interesting facts about Ohio in each issue! 

Ohio Chronicles bring history to life with exciting characters, complete tales, humor and drama! It's "BASED on Real Ohio History!"

Perfect for instruction as well as reading enjoyment, Ohio Chronicles is a perfect complement to the Ohio Fourth Grade Social Studies Standards. Many issues come with Teacher Editions.     

Ohio Chronicles--a QUICK Introduction!

Read a new page every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY all school year!  

We'll be starting with-- THE SECRET OF THE MARIETTA EARTHWORKS!  Rufus Putnam is going into the Ohio Wilderness to build a city, but SOMETHING surprises him and his men! 

PLUS Meet that wacky pair of BEAR and CROW as they teach about the Hopewell Indians--Mound-builders from Ohio Prehistoric PAST!

As seen on Tony Isabella's BLOGGY THING!

Famous comic book writer (and creator of DC's Black Lightning), Tony Isabella, reviews issues of Ohio Chronicles on his website and Blog--Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing--and we are pleased as punch!  Tony has been around the professional comic book industry since the 1970's and has worked for both Marvel and DC in his long career.  He is respected for botth his integrity and hard work as well as his regularyly published blog!  Tony lives in Ohio and thus has a special connection to Ohio Chronicles.  He does a fantastic review of some of our issues and we appreciate all the good press from such a respected member of the comics community.  Please click on the image at right to read the review (it will pop up in a new window) and then return back to Ohio Chronicles to find out the latest on our current issues!

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